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Welcome to Our Dog House!

Welcome to Our Dog House!

Like all good stories, Mudd+Wyeth's revolves around love - love of dogs, love of food, love of life!

How it all began

My wife Mary, our daughter Alexandra, and myself live on South Hero, an emerald island of Lake Champlain in northern Vermont with our four loveable, goofy, drooling dogs. Mary wanted to create a treat that we could share with our dogs. Week after week I used my skills as a classically trained chef to fiddle about in my kitchen developing countless scrumptious and delicious energy bar recipes.

Each week, we taste-tested the latest concoctions, carefully selecting ingredients that were delicious and healthy for both people and canines. The dogs happily lined up for the testing, too - it's fair to say our canines were satisfied customers! As the bars improved - yep, there were some real lemons!- and became more and more tasty, the YaffBar was born.

Our energy bars are just the beginning. We have created product lines that build on that beloved shared connection between dog owners and their dogs. Check out our Spot the Dog reflective, protective safety accessories - they've been keeping dogs and their owners safe for 15 years. Be sure to look at our apparel line that you'll just love to wear every day, and our dog toys that your pup will just love to play with every day! We're more than a little obsessed with our dogs' safety and happiness, and we know you share that commitment.

What really matters to us at Mudd+Wyeth is the ability to share and connect with our dogs, family, and friends. We celebrate the strong bond that begins with a puppy, an adopted dog, or maybe the family dog that has been around for a while. Who can stop from Yaffing Out Loud when a dog chases his own tail or looks at you with big droopy eyes just begging for one small morsel of your YaffBar!

I hope that you will all connect with and enjoy the same pleasure that we have in developing Mudd+Wyeth.

Your partner in shared joy,

Feel free to connect with us via email or Facebook if you have any questions at all!
Welcome to Our Dog House!

Who's Mudd? Who's Wyeth?
Mudd and Wyeth are two of our favorite dogs! You can think of them as Chief YaffBar Taste Tester Extraordinaires' or perhaps Directors of Research and Development. Whatever you want to call them, they're VIPs (Very Important Pups).

Mudd is one of my family's dogs, and Wyeth is the beloved dog of our dear friend Mandy. Aside from owning and managing an excellent, elegantly rustic restaurant here on South Hero, Mandy has been instrumental in launching our brand. From providing creative inspiration and input (like the name YaffBar) to modeling with her two Paddle Pups - Mandy is a bonafide, great friend to all of us at Mudd+Wyeth!

What's Yaff mean, anyway?
Yaff is an old English word meaning to bark. And we want our friends, those with two legs and those with four, to Yaff out Loud with us and celebrate the first delicious and wholesome treat hand-crafted for people and their dogs - the YaffBar!

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