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Responsible Partnerships

Mudd+Wyeth is a company whose foundation and beliefs are set on the principal of sharing between people and dogs. We believe in business partnerships that are sustainable both locally and globally. Our connection to our community reaches beyond the borders of our geographical location.
  • Each of our business partners is known to us to ensure that we have similar beliefs in our business practices. While not perfect we believe that this connection better enables us to share realistic and common goals.
  • Our efforts at sustainable and supportable procurement practices are not perfect but we at Mudd+Wyeth believe in being responsible in all our sourcing practices and making continued efforts to improve all we do. We are committed to helping social programs that promote the connection between people and their dogs. We believe that this connection goes beyond our product offerings and extends through our local and regional communities.
  • We at Mudd+Wyeth hold the right to terminate any of our relationships at any time if our partners don't take corrective work place actions that we believe are critical to fair and equitable business practices.
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